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My Darkest Days Debut Album SHINES

Oct 07, 2010 01:08AM ● By The SCENE Magazine
By Rhonda Meredith (Published in the October 2010 issue)

It was just in July that Canadian alternative rock band My Darkest Days opened for Sick Puppies at Scout Bar. Relatively unknown to many in the U.S., they have been steadily building their fan base. My Darkest Days (MDD) debut self-titled CD has been a long time in the making and proves, without a doubt, to be well worth the wait.Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger and longtime Nickelback producer Joey Moi teamed up to produce the CD and it’s packed with great music and a very cool cover of Duran Duran’s early 1990’s hit “Come Undone” (with singer Jessie James).

The first single that has been topping the iTunes’ charts is “Pornstar Dancing”. You will find the radio version of this anthem type song as well as a second version featuring Ludacris on the CD.As for the rest of the songs, there is not one disappointment.

MDD’s music is “high energy rock and roll”, but the ballads are crowd-pleasers also. The band says “half of our song lyrics are about partying and having a good time while the other half deal with relationships and life”.“Save Me” says “You’re the only one who matters…only your love can save me…” Immediately when the “thump, thump, thump” of the bass drum is heard, a sense of urgency takes hold of you from within for the entire song.The song “Can’t Forget You” is one you can’t forget! The song’s lyrics “Stop haunting my dreams…please set me free…” will replay over and over in your mind. The vocals are so emotional. Other favorites “Like Nobody Else” and “Every Lie” also have the same appeal. “Without You” has such a beautiful musical beginning.“Goodbye” is about the angst of that moment you know your relationship is over (in this case it was over because of an addiction). But the transitional lyrics toward the end say “Been stuck inside a dream, woke up and I could breathe the air. Been down this road before, I’ll make it on my own I swear”. Within the heavy chorus of this song, you find your inner strength.“Set It On Fire”, a song about lust, seems to be a little reggae inspired. It also has a short guitar solo that, well...sets the song on fire!

“Move Your Body” is relentless. This song needs to be in your IPod rotation when doing cardio. “Still Worth Fighting For” offers hope to those in broken relationships.The stand out track on this CD is “The World Belongs To Me”. It is a different type of anthem from “Pornstar Dancing”. It’s a song that can be played anywhere - from graduations to movie soundtracks. You know that part in a movie when the hero realizes his destiny and every fiber of his being comes alive. The song even says “A hero was born from a soul that’s forgotten…” Bottom line:

The debut CD is flawless. The lyrics are honest. The musical composition is appealing to fans of many different genres. MDD is on course to be the international break out band in 2010. Easily. You could say the world belongs to them…

MDD is currently on tour with Hinder, then Papa Roach but will take a short break to headline three Texas shows including an October 22 show at Scout Bar here in Clear Lake. For more information, visit

NOTE: There are different versions of the CD, not all songs may be on the version where you purchase the CD.

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