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SCENE STYLE: Make Over Month

Oct 07, 2010 12:23AM ● By John Ennis
By Heaven Padgett (Published in October 2010 issue)

Fall is such an amazing time of year with its cooler temperatures and cozy evenings.

Melancholy is the classic sentiment of the season and a subtle angst tugs at us as we find ourselves yearning for change.  And while some things in life we have no control over like maybe our jobs or our mother-in-law’s, there are many things that we CAN fine tune- or even change completely!   Those things include our haircuts and colors, our make up, our clothing and accessories and even our overall style.  Last month we discussed the latest trends in these catergories and next month I will be covering the October Fashion Week, but for now lets get inspired to go ahead- and make the change!

The first step in redefining your self is simple- making the choice!  I suggest buying a few hair and fashion magazines.  Get inspired.  The only way to grow, is to see.  See colors, see cuts.  Find colors and  cuts that look inviting, find face shapes and hair types that resemble your own features.  Look at clothing, how its styled, how its pieced together.  Tear out these photos and keep them in a folder.  Take the hair photos to your stylist to help him/her along in the consultation appointment.  This process should be clear and concise.  Your hair will not look exactly like a photo but your stylist can see where your mind is headed, and what type of styles you really like.  The pictures can be custom fit to your face, your lifestyle and amount of time for upkeep. Be willing to go to a completely different shade.  Maybe you could go darker and richer, maybe a little blonder than you have before.  What about adding in some red?  You will be utterly amazed at the power of a really great hair make over.

Don’t be afraid to cut your hair- it grows back.  A shorter, beautifully shaped haircut is always prettier than longer hair that is dried out on the ends. Don’t just say, “Do whatever you want.”  Have a part in the process.  You do not need to know the terminology or exact formulations for your stylist.  The magic happens when the clients expectations meet the skill and vision of a creative stylist.  The stylist should know how to minimize a large nose or forehead, or lengthen or shorten a face shape.  We should know whether to widen a fringe area to accent the eyes, or leave a cowlick a little longer.  You supply us with desire, we supply you with skill.  We know deep down everyone has a vision of what they wished they look like, but also be open to professional recommendation.  Purchase the tools and products recommended to you as well.  We guarantee all of our work if you are using the right tools and techniques.  Professional products will also protect and lengthen the life of your color work so that you don’t need to do it as often.  Invest in your look and it will show on the outside as well on the inside with your new found confidence.  Everyone wants to look and feel more beautiful, even when the economy is bad!  ESPECIALLY when the economy is bad!  Get the most out of your hair appointments and you can have a year round look that is a joy to maintain- not a pain! As far as fashion, hang the photos of the looks that you like around your full length mirror at home.  Just like with any change, you need a daily reminder until it becomes habit.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to start to shift your style.  Maybe it’s adding a belt when you wouldn’t normally wear one or even rolling up the cuffs of your pants.  Make it easy to alternate handbags and sunglasses by organizing your closet.   One of my favorite things to do when in need of inspiration is to plan a go-see day.  Invite a girlfriend and just “go-see” stuff.  It’s a no pressure day where you can just browse boutiques and stores.  Don’t tell yourself you’re  “shopping” with the intent to buy.  Just walk around and absorb the mannequins and displays.  Take note of the different kinds of jewelry and accessories.  Are the belts wide or skinny this season?  How high are the boots, and the skirts?  Eventually you will see a few things that begin to get stuck in your mind and you will know what you want.  Change can happen.  It took a while to get into a rut, and it might take a while to get out, but a fresh haircut paired with a fresh outlook can give you the motivation to experiment.  I challenge you to step out this season and try something new.  I will give you a full run-way report next month and hope to see each of you out and about sporting a touch of couture!

The SCENE Style Columnist Heaven Padgett is owner of The Hairem Salon, founder of Heavenly Cosmetics and a member of TEAMQUEST, as an International Guest Artist for Aquage. Heaven has been a stylist and make up artists for almost 20 years and works with celebrity stylists and clients all over the country for photoshoots, fashion shows, hair shows, DVD shoots, and Academy Trainings.  She was born to work in the industry, and has the experience and industry savvy to be our certified SCENE fashionista!