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Kemah Pan Jam

May 25, 2010 07:05PM ● By Andy Eng
OVER THE TOP - Goes to the last weekend in March... The center of gravity converged in Kemah at the annual Pan Jam Festival with headline act Earl Le Pierre laying forth the Carribean aire. Hannah's Reef and the entourage of colorful beach loving Parrotheads were out in numbers. We snuck over to Zone 504 to experience perhaps the finest crawfish lunch sensations going these days before getting back and catching the first ever presentation of its type, the combined San Jacinto Steel Drum and Choir and their program of (bravo worthy) ancient Trinidadian Folklore.

Click here for a few glimpses of what we saw that day.

NEW STUFF - The "Mark May Band Live In Texas" CD came our way and instantly landed on our Live Album of the Year list. Land it on yours! Also, T-Bone's Kemah Jam has been debuting new songs from Chris Crump & Alan Davis. You'll like it too.

EASY GOING - Chelseas didn't have to go far to find Sparky Koerner. Many listeners have enjoyed Sparky's big band jazz concerts where he teaches at the College of the Mainland. There is always room for good jazz and hope to catch more. Hands down, the bestest of the relaxing music evenings was Kelly McGuire's Upclose and Personal show at La Brisa( You've read our prior reviews and know how much we enjoy being a part of Kelly's sold out shows.

After a Zach Tate set at the Seagull, Dempsey's was the SCENE with Hobson's Choice firing up their faithful into a familiar ferocious frenzy. If all this weren't enough, we got to visit with Joel Jeschke (local live music supporter and former proprietor of Joel's Ugly Dawg) which in itself, is over the top enough... Spring is here - Rock on!!!

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